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* Do you know what the TTL is?

Suggested article: What is TTL?

TTL or Time to live defines how quickly to cache either a request or content. Data is discarded if the required TTL expires. The idea of the "time to live" is to prevent unlimited circulation of each data packet.

Let's give an example. Suppose a company called DFG. It has a website called, and it has a TTL value of 7 200 seconds (two hours). This means it will receive updates once every two hours. However, if DFG makes frequent updates, it can adjust its TTL value.

The company's staff uploads new information about their products (does actualization) constantly, every day. And if the TTL stays at 7 200 seconds, their customers will have to wait two hours to see the newest products available.

This is why DNS TTL is extremely important for your company and more. If you are interested and want to read more information about what TTL is and how it works in detail, you can do it by clicking on the blue link.